Today TALENTS FIRST has signed the "Diversity Charter" !

The Tour de France de la Diversité stopped in Strasbourg on the 16 March 2023. On this occasion, Talents First reaffirmed its commitment to diversity and non-discrimination by signing the “Diversity Charter”!

Supported by « Les entreprises for the Cité » since 2004, the diversity charter is a commitment text that can be signed by any employer wishing by a proactive approach, to act in favour of diversity and go beyond the legal framework of the fight against discrimination.

This 9th edition took place at the Eurometropole of Strasbourg with Floriane Varieras, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, in charge of the Inclusive City and the fight against discrimination.

Articulated around 6 articles, this charter guides organizations to implement concrete actions and progress through innovative practices.

An event presented by Camille Vernay from« Les entreprises pour la Cité » that took place in three main parts :

– A round table Territorial commitments in the fight against discrimination– Intersecting perspectives between companies, communities and associations.

– Spotlight on cooperative initiatives for #diversity and #inclusion

The collective signing of the charter around 31 organizations including the city of Strasbourg represented by Floriane Varieras and Benjamin Soulet withYann Tanguy, Secretary of Diversity Charter and Elise MOISON, Deputy Secretary General Diversity Charter.

A movement taken up at the European level, with today 24 countries with a Diversity Charter!