TALENTS FIRST opens up to the Middle East market!

14 years after its creation, our recruitment firm is expanding in DUBAI!

After Paris, London, Strasbourg and Stuttgart, the creation of the Talents First office in Dubai is fully in line with our desire to offer an international service.

Our language skills and multicultural experience allow us to guide and support our customers globally, while the experience of our consultants in a wide range of different trade and industry sectors allows us to provide clients with a holistic and cross-sectoral view.

Supported by two new employees, our expertise in executive recruitment, coaching and skills assessment is now available to professionals in this hyper-dynamic market:

Abe Avdiyovski

To the International Development Initiative of the Kingdoms largest executive recruitment agency-United, it is after several years within this institution that Abe created his own company with which he accompanied many companies in the recruitment of their talents throughout the world and today, as he begins his 30th year of recruitment it is an honor to welcome him at the head of Talents First – Middle East

Aron Demirovski

Aron has lived in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Turkey, Mozambique and the United Arab Emirates since his youth. These global perspectives have developed his passion for a better understanding of different cultures and business environments.

With extensive experience in the field of executive research at an FTSE 250 company based in the Middle East, His ability to deal with the complexities of this market and his in-depth understanding of the needs of businesses in different sectors make him a key member of Talents First Middle East management!


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