TALENTS FIRST official sponsor of the US EGALITARIAN Senior Football Team! (Strasbourg)

“Only EXPERIENCE counts” a principle that is part of the DNA of Talents First and that we carry higher through our support to the senior team of this club located at 14 rue d’Altkirch in Strasbourg!

While the age of seniors refers to “a number of negative representations among recruiters, including “less adaptability” and “a time horizon limited by the “proximity” of retirement, by supporting this team rather than another, Talents First once again encourages EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and NON-DISCRIMINATION!

A support that is in line with other initiatives taken by Talents First in order to raise the values of non-discrimination as a recruitment expert such as:

Our commitment within the association with equal competence which is committed to promoting equality and diversity in access to employment every day.

Our signature of the Diversity Charter, a commitment text proposed to the signature of any employer wishing to take a proactive approach, act in favor of diversity and go beyond the legal framework of the fight against discrimination.