Let’s build your future together! 

Our conviction: when it comes to similar educational backgrounds and given equal skill sets, personality and adaptability make the difference.

Develop your teams.

Our expertise goes beyond recruitment and enables us to advise our clients on their human resources management.

Our thoroughness and inventiveness allow us to open fresh perspectives for our clients. We encourage them to boost their teams with high-potential profiles, who will make all the difference in the long term.

New responsibilities and talent retention

You are planning to give one of your employee’s new responsibilities. By linking the company’s interests with the needs of your employees, you are improving staff performance whilst retaining the best talent.



Are you are looking to create a collective and individual progress dynamic? Make sure your management teams have the skills needed to implement your strategy and maximise the performance of your workforce.

‘High potentials’

Do you wish to identify your high-potential employees? Enable them to speak freely and to get the best out of each and every one of your members of staff.

Assess your workforce.

You are in doubt as to the potential for the development of a particular employee, etc.

Do they have the skills to make a success of their job? Are they able to move into new roles? Could they do better, or have they reached their full potential?

You need a neutral outside opinion.

It is time to decide! Our proven tools and methods enable you to balance out various opinions. In a nutshell, we enable you to make duly underpinned decisions with confidence. We provide you with a report which explores what is needed to successfully fill the position and predict the performance and involvement of the ideal candidates.



As a leading recruitment and human resources consultancy firm, Talents First is exceedingly well placed to assist you by building a strategic partnership to attract, motivate and retain your human capital with the right skill sets for your company. This partnership is based on four key points: Anticipation, Clarity, Transparency, and Reliability.

Securing the loyalty of staff demands the implementation of a strategy aimed at identifying and developing so-called ‘high potential’. In turn, this strategy is the cornerstone for a succession plan that needs to be put in place beforehand for all key positions in your organisation.

Against the backdrop of the shortage of certain skills coupled with staff turnover, your needs in terms of the number of specific profiles required, scheduled retirements, and the ambition to set up a talent pipeline, our human resources consultancy firm works with foresight in tandem with the company to find the skills sought.

Ahead of any recruitment, the salary benchmark allows the position to be properly pitched on the relevant market and enables you to come up with a competitive salary package to attract the best candidates.

Salary Benchmarking

Prior to the start of your recruitment campaign, we are by your side to guide you in building and optimising your remuneration systems. We help you to decide on the right mix between the fixed and variable part of the remuneration, and the fringe benefits that make up the total package. We also conduct an internal salary fairness analysis at your company.

You need an organisational audit of your management teams ahead of a recruitment campaign, Talents First is by your side to guide you in analysing the existing position, the way in which these positions interlace, the reporting lines, and the functional links.


Applicants’ section

Talents First undertake to build a relationship of trust with its candidates. In this regard, all candidates may rest assured that their application and the documents we are provided with will be treated with strict confidentiality and that we will communicate with the utmost transparency.

We guide the candidates through every stage of the recruitment process and provide them with all the relevant documents of a non-confidential nature. They can also rest safe in the knowledge they will receive feedback on a regular basis from us on the status of their application. All candidates are also given feedback on the various tests (psychometric tests, assessments, or equivalent) they have been asked to take. We are their go-to soundboard throughout the entire negotiation stage, all the way up to the signing of the employment contract. We are there to answer any questions they may have, while we facilitate contact with our clients all the way up to the completion of the induction stage.

The unsuccessful candidates are always informed in a professional manner, including feedback at the end of the process.


We undertake to observe the utmost confidentiality in all relations, with clients and candidates alike. We never pass on your CV without your consent. The same goes for the names of our clients and those of the candidates who have been hired through our ministrations. We check your references with former employers only with your permission. We perform recruitment assignments for which we have been formally commissioned by our clients.

To make an appointment involving specific assistance to come to our offices, please call us directly at +33 3 88 11 27 10.

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