recruitment head sommelier

Case study: Head Sommelier

Contexte du recrutement : la problématique

Talents First was commissioned to take on the recruitment of a Head Sommelier with a view to bolstering the existing teams.

The challenge we faced in this recruitment assignment was to seek out a candidate who would be able to represent a prestigious winemaking group operating in France and at international level by efficiently assisting and guiding the client through the maze of future developments at the company.

Before embarking on this search, Talents First and its client jointly defined the outlines of the ideal profile as well as the details of the future duties he/she will be tasked with.

Proposed methodology for the recruitment of a Head Sommelier

A detailed analysis enabled us to define the main goals and the core aptitudes and skills required to successfully secure the right candidate for the challenge.

Based on our understanding of the client’s goals and expectations, we recommended a direct approach.

This proactive method allows us to approach the best candidates actively and directly in the wine industry.

As part of the direct approach, our researchers compiled a list of potential target companies operating in the client’s sector within a defined geographic area.

We subsequently approached the potential candidates and worked closely with the client by staying in touch on a regular basis over the phone and on Teams. In doing so we did not disclose the client’s name and preserved the confidential nature of the recruitment process.

We included in the recruitment process one internal candidate who was put forward by the client. They wanted this incumbent to take the exact same process of assessment.

Working closely with the client, we stayed in touch on a regular basis with updates/progress reports on this critical search.

Talents First also developed a relationship of trust with the candidates to whom we pledged confidentiality and transparency. We guided them through every stage of the recruitment process, providing regular updates on the progress of the processing of their application, including during the negotiation stage, all the way up to the signing of the employment contract.


The consultant and the Human Resources Manager started the screening process with an initial shortlist of three candidates.

For each candidate selected, the consultant prepared a summary document of the interview notes.

After two successful rounds of interviews, the decision was taken to appoint one of the three candidates who came from a direct competitor.

We followed up on the candidate throughout his induction period by scheduling appointments at a mutually convenient time, ensuring the successful integration of the chosen candidate. This candidate excelled at this job. This recruitment proved to be a real success.

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